3% ORS Refund

 Hopefully  you received an email from ORS (Office of Retirement System) that gave you the amount of your 3% refund.   If you feel your refund amount is incorrect, please contact ORS, not the District, as ORS created the calculation and has the detail behind the refund amount.

The District will be receiving the funds on January 22, 2018.  It is our goal to get these dollars refunded to individuals within 60-90 days. 

GHAPS did not take any taxes out of these funds, so individuals will be taxed on this refund.  We are awaiting taxation guidance from the IRS.

We are hoping to send these funds electronically to your bank account.  If your bank account has changed since you left the District, please complete the this form and return it to Diane Stafford.  You can drop it off, snail mail it to Diane at 1415 Beechtree Street, Grand Haven, or email it to her at staffordd@ghaps.org.  If your bank account has not changed since you left, there is nothing we need from you.  We still have your information all in our system.

The ORS Refund FAQ site is updated frequently.  Please check this resource often.

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